About Us

 Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kana Ram Nehra and I am the Managing Director of India Authentic Tours. I was born in a small village in Rajasthan in 1981. I have spent many years working in the travel industry as a driver and during that time I have travelled around India many times with diverse people, e.g. backpacking students, families, couples of diverse ages and single travelers. Some people visited India for its religious and spiritual values whilst others have based their tour on enjoying India’s vibrant culture and culinary specialties, alongside fulfilling their dream of being treat like royalty enjoying the many temples and palaces.

About the company

 Like most tour companies our services offers diverse set tours along side custom made tours to fit every budget. We use top listed hotels in each category, 3*, 4* and 5*. Our services always offer a private chauffeur and air conditioned transport, unless the customer wishesto travel by train and or plane. 
We at India Authentic Tours are specialist in making your dreams become reality, whether you choose one of our set tours or you a customized tour that fits your personal requirements, remember "everything is possible in India". India offers many diverse majestic, cultural and spiritual experiences; there are many beautiful temples, landscapes, wildlife, beaches and monuments to visit, along side diverse art, craft, clothing, spice and local markets.Although all the hotels used offer good food, there is nothing like enjoying a good meal and a masala chai at one of the many authentic local restaurants to get that real India feeling. A local massage parlor should also not be missed. Our drivers are all highly knowledgeable when it comes to the hidden gems.

At India Authentic Tours our customer are paramount. Whether you are a young un experienced traveler, a single lady, a family with young children or an elderly couple, we will do all in our power to make sure your tour is a tour to remember, in the positive sense.


What makes us different

We at India Authentic Tours have very high ethical values. We will never offer or include an elephant ride or any other unethical animal related activity in any of our tours or day trips. What we do offer is educational trips and voluntary work with elephants.
• None of our drivers will force you in to “Uncles” Bazar, we will if you choose take you to some local crafts people, but the decision is totally yours to take.
• We at India Authentic Tours also run a social welfare and educational project called “A hand to give”. This project is our way of giving back to society by helping where we can. At the moment we are helping finance some children’s educational needs along side doing what we can to help India’s elephants. Please click on to our pages “A hand to give” to find out more details.
• At India Authentic Tours live under the motto “if its ethical, its possible"
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your travel needs and/or wish to know more about our project. We offer free quotes

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